Lazy Saturday

In an unusual turn of events for this generally antisocial butterfly, I spent the last two weekends partying. Since I don’t have to work this weekend and my presence wasn’t requested at a party, I was able to revert to my usual Saturday habit of running errands.

I started the day at Walmart, where I normally don’t go anymore. However, they’re the only place that has All You magazine, this amazing $2.49 publication with more coupons that you can shake another coupon at. Once I get paid, I’m definitely buying a subscription. I also picked up a 20-ounce Diet Coke with a free coupon that I earned from the My Coke Rewards program.

I took my soda and magazine to Chick-fil-a, where I redeemed a free chicken sandwich coupon that I got in the mail earlier this year. I had planned to eat in the car, but it was so hot, and all of the outdoor tables were taken. I ended up sitting in a little alcove away from others. I know you’re technically not supposed to consume outside food in a restaurant, but I was able to get away with drinking my Diet Coke until the too-friendly Chick-fil-a employee came in to check on me.

After lunch, I rolled on over to  CVS to use one of the BOGO coupons I won from the Sobe game. Combined with the CVS BOGO sale already in progress, the drinks were free.  I also bought a tin of Altoids for $1.49 and got $1 Extra Care Buck back. I commandeered the end of a bench in the shopping center and read the rest of All You before heading into Barnes and Noble to window shop. At this point, I only buy books there when they’re in the discount section. I wrote down a few new titles that I’d like to read at some point and sat down to look at a book I’ve heard about recently but am too embarrassed to admit that I want to read. I skimmed a few pages, and it wouldn’t have been worth buying, so I put it back.

Then I strolled over to McDonald’s, where I got a free wild berry smoothie using a coupon that was in the USA Weekend magazine a few weeks ago. I was planning to window shop on my way back, but I decided to stop in at Bed Bath and Beyond to check out the clearance rack. I scored 3 plastic plates for 48 cents each because they had been removed from a package. I also got a new travel toothbrush for my purse for $1 and 3 Johnson-and-Johnson travel first aid kits for free with a $3/3 coupon. I didn’t realize that the local BB&B had a personal products section, but it’s great. There are lots of travel items there for relatively cheap. There are also lots of signs up encouraging people to use coupons!

I ended the afternoon at  CVS, where I scored two more free drinks and two packs of M&M Pretzel. With the $1 ECB I earned earlier in the day, I only had to pay 6  cents. Not bad.

The take-home haul:


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