Mega haul

I made up for going out of town and not using coupons by spending my socks off today.

I began the day at Target:

I ran to Target during lunch, so I didn’t peruse the frozen food section. The pillow was on sale for $3, but I got it for $2 with a Target coupon. I got the soup for free by combining two coupons. Everything normally would have cost $7.40; I paid $3.12. I can’t link to individual Target coupons, so follow your nose.

There are some great CVS deals this week, but my attempts to take advantage of the nearly free toothpaste didn’t work out at two stores. I ended up making two CVS runs and picking up some great stuff, though. My first run:

Sobe Lifewater is a BOGO again this week, which means they are free if you have a BOGO coupon from the Sobe game. I had a BOGO coupon for the BOGO Right Guard deodorants from the 7/25 Red Plum insert, so they were free, too. If you need Right Guard coupon, the Krazy Coupon Lady’s CVS post linked above has lots of suggestions in case you don’t have the BOGO. The sparkling water, normally 99 cents each, were BOGO, too. I ended up paying $1.30 on a $15.45 order.

My second CVS run:

I planned this one out so I could use one of my $3 off $15 CVS coupons. I used another BOGO coupon for the deodorants. Although this CVS didn’t have the Crest toothpaste that is on sale, I got the floss. Using a $1 coupon and factoring in the $2.50 in Extra Bucks that I got back, the floss was free. I had a $1 coupon for the Bounty and another BOGO coupon for the Sobes. The olive oil was a good deal when I used a $1 off coupon, plus there is a hangtag for $1 off on a box of pasta.  I paid $9.18 for this $35.66 order.

My final stop of the night was Kroger, where I had planned to take advantage of the Mega Event. Although I only planned to buy 8 items for $4, I ended up finding some good coupon deals and bought 16 items for $8 off instead!

I got all of those Chex Mixes for free, thanks to some great coupons. I got the Country Crock for 20 cents. The Raisin Bran, which I won last week, didn’t come off my receipt. I’m on hold right now to ask Kroger what’s up.  But really, I saved a lot during this run. I spent $17.83 on this $54.29 order.

ETA: I just got a $4 credit put on my card for my next purchase! The Kroger representative said that they know they are having trouble with their ecoupons and are working to get them working consistently again. If you have a high-value ecoupon that doesn’t come off, give Kroger a call. They’ll sort it out for you.

As I was looking at my shopping cart today, I realized that it must look like I only eat junk! Don’t worry, this week’s dinners are a mushroom-bean-rice dish and a tomato chickpea curry. Some of the snacks are likely bound for a reunion I’m having next month, but the rest will live on the top of my fridge to be opened occasionally.


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