Lazy couponing

Much to my surprise, I didn’t feel like shopping today (or taking decent pictures). I didn’t feel impressed by any CVS deals or any new coupons, so I jumpstarted the process by looking at some Merona jeans at Target to see if I could use my $3 off coupon before it expired. The jeans fit, but they didn’t fit well, so I moved on to the grocery section.

The TGI Friday’s snacks were on markdown for $2.66 each, and one of them came with a rebate sticker that will make it free. The chocolate-vanilla marshmallows were on clearance for 95 cents, the Breyers was on sale for $2.59 and the Eggo waffles were on sale for $1.75. I picked up the 44-cent cough drops and headed to the register, where I got a BOGO Archer’s pizza coupon that I decided to combine with the store’s sale on pizza. I walked out with those for $2.25 each.

I feel like I have a lot of food in the house right now, so I decided to make my Kroger trip quick and light.

I won the ThinkThin bar with the Kroger Summer of Savings game this afternoon, and this time it actually came off my receipt! Some Warm Delights flavors were on clearance, so I got this one for 19 cents after Kroger doubled my 50-cent coupon. I also used the $4 off that Kroger customer service gave me after I didn’t get the free Raisin Bran. My real total would have been $12.73, but I paid $6.48.

My mom came to visit this weekend, and we picked a lot of peaches. I had planned to pick up pie-making supplies, but I completely forgot to pick anything up. I guess that means I’ll be going back to the store tomorrow or Wednesday before those peaches get too ripe!


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