Decent, even without printed coupons

My new printer should be shipping shortly, but it won’t arrive until early next week. Faced with the prospect of shopping without some really excellent coupon matchups this week, I dove in and did my best.

Target turned out pretty well:

The wings and ranch are part of a deal going on right now. When you buy any bagged Tyson frozen chicken item, you get any 16-oz. Hidden Valley Ranch for free. However, several people have noted that at least one Tyson boxed item was part of the deal. I spent $3.19 on chicken and got the ranch for my donation stockpile.

Everything else I bought was on clearance. The veggie rolls would make a tasty lunch or appetizer, and the cream cheese balls and punch are perfect for a party. In total, I spent $7.41. I don’t have the original prices for the clearance items, so I can’t tell you how much my order would have been had they been at regular price.

Kroger’s sales this week are a little lacking, but I made it work:

I noticed after checking my e-coupons that I still had a free Raisin Bran despite the resolution of the e-coupon debacle. I successfully picked up a box that triggered the coupon, so that’s one more item for the donation pile. The Ball Park franks were free with a $2 off coupon because they were on clearance, too.  I got both pastas for free since they’re on sale for $1 each and I had $1 off coupons from a family magazine to which I have a free subscription. The only things I didn’t have a coupon for were the salad, the clearance seasoning and the bananas. This trip only cost me $11.32 compared to the $34.73 it would have cost me without coupons.

I was considering doing a CVS run for free Wheat Thins, but I think I’ll save that for later this week when I have time to be bored.

On another note, I took the top photograph with my new camera and the bottom one with my old camera. I don’t know if you can see a difference. Sometime soon I’m going to have to post about how I got my new camera, because I paid for the entire thing with Amazon gift certificates that I earned in under three months.


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