Holiday weekend

I actually expected many more shoppers out this morning, but apparently everyone already did their BBQ shopping yesterday. I started my day at Target:

What you can’t see is the new pink Merona dress that I plucked from the clearance section. I got it for $7 by using a $3 off coupon that Target posted this morning. The dress messed with my total a little, but I’m still happy with what I bought. The Zone bar was on clearance for 46 cents, the blackberries were only $1.47 and the Uncle Ben’s rice cost me 59 cents each. Today was the last day I could use my UB coupons, and lo and behold the rice was 75 cents cheaper at Target than at Kroger! I spent $14.85 and saved at least $7.

I took two CVS trips, but I’m going to talk about them at once:

Sobe in my purchases means that it’s BOGO time at CVS! The gum is part of an Extracare Bucks deal, so it was free. The Pops were part of a three-day deal that almost didn’t work. It pays to read the size restrictions on your coupons before using them for pre-shopping deal match-ups. I also picked up a CVS Green Bag Tag that I’ve lashed to a reusable shopping bag. Now every time I go, I’ll have them scan the tag. I get $1 ECB for every four scans! I spent $3.27 at CVS and saved $15.39.

Onwards to Kroger:

Kroger has been kind of dead with deals for the last few weeks. I was able to get two Sobes for 25 cents using the printable coupon and an ecoupon. The Mission Tortillas were on sale for $2.39, and I combined a paper $1 coupon with a 55-cent ecoupon. I figured it wouldn’t get any cheaper than that. I did use the famed buy 5, get $5 off Kraft promo even though there weren’t any sales going on. It turns out the little cream cheese tubs aren’t part of the promotion. I’m going to print out one more coupon if I can and save it in case there is a good sale on Kraft shredded cheese. I’ve started freezing it for later use, which has worked out well. My Kroger trip was $20.76 and I saved $20.37. Not bad.


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