Disappearance noted

I had a fairly disappointing couponing week last week and just didn’t feel like writing about it. Now I’m back with a vengeance. First up, Target:

The sales didn’t thrill me too much, except for a good Arm and Hammer Cat Litter deal. I got two 40-pound boxes for $22.53 after using a $3 coupon from All You Magazine and a $1.50 off coupon from  SmartSource.  That deal got me a $5 gift card, which I used after dropping the litter off in my trunk (where it resides at this moment, 40 pounds is heavy!). I was able to use a 75 cent coupon for the face wash and a $1 off coupon on the pizza, which was on sale. My boyfriend is coming to visit this week, so I needed extra beverages, hence the tea. The exercise mat was on clearance — marked down to $9.44 from $18.89. That was an impulse but necessary purchase. I got rid of my rug a few months ago and recently realized that I had stopped doing a lot of floor work because my floor is too hard to sit on for long.

Then I visited Kroger:

As I previously mentioned, my boyfriend is coming this weekend, causing me to buy some things I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, such as orange juice. The Pringles were free from the Kroger CartBusters game and the Sobe came from a free coupon I won from the Heads or Tails game. I walked away with three Campbell’s soups for 50 cents each using a Kroger eCoupon and a printable coupon.

I’ve started buying more expensive produce because I am getting repaid for up to $30 of produce a month from Taste Radar. After consuming the produce you eat, you fill out a rating form online and write the code on your receipt. At the end of the month, you mail the receipts to a US address. I chose to be repaid through PayPal. They not only pay for your produce, but they also pay for your postage. However, you must buy produce from a supermarket to take advantage of this deal.

Ultimately, I spent $30.92 at Kroger and saved $20.05 on the spot. However, I will be repaid $8.23 from this order at the end of the month.

Finally, I dropped by CVS:

I had two $1.50 off coupons for the Right Guard and one $1 off for the Dry Idea from the Red Plum 8/15 booklet. After $3 ExtraCare Bucks, I only paid 21 cents. Before tax, my total was -13 cents! I got $6 ECBs back, which will come in handy next week.

And finally, I dropped by Old Navy with a 30 percent off coupon that will expire on Thursday. Technically it says Baby Sale, but it will ring up even if you don’t buy a baby item. I got a great green long-sleeved shirt for fall that was on clearance for $3.99 for only $2.79.

Another successful couponing week. Now it’s time to eat all of that food. 🙂


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