I love to get things for free.

Whether it’s someone else buying me dinner or a BOGO sale, I’m drawn to the concept of something for nothing. In June 2010, an inspiring blogger who ate on $1 a day inspired me to do more. Before reading that blog, I cut the coupons I thought I’d use and used them at the store sometimes. Now I’m knee-deep in the Drugstore Game and cutting my $40 grocery bill in half or by one-third. The best part is that I’ve been able to create a stockpile of free food to donate to the local food bank.

There is nothing better than coming home with a score. Getting something for free or for pennies is exhilerating, but I don’t have anyone to share the thrill with. I’m not a mom with a family to feed or a homemaker. I’m just a working twentysomething who hates paying more than she has to for anything.

Follow along as I reveal my scores and share the best freebies and coupons! I hope you’re inspired to take charge of your grocery shopping, too.


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